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Your generous support is needed

It is only because of your generous support that I am able to dedicate myself and my time to this effort that I affectionately call "The Patriot Reload".

I have investigated all of the possible funding scenarios that are currently available to efforts like mine. Many of them require a 3rd party or "middleman" who requires that I give them up to 30% of your intended donation.
Yes, you read that correctly, 30% of your intended donation.
That means that if you donated $100 to me, then a 3rd party would get $30 and I would get $70. Personally, I did not feel that this was being honest with you, the donator.

Others were asking for 10% and some as little as 7%, but I still felt that there must be a better way ... therefore I created a way where I can receive as much as 96.5% of your intended donations ... 96.5%!!!

Using the opportunities below, I will receive as much as 100% and as little as 96.5% of your intended donation. THAT CAN NOT BE BEAT!

Your support is what keeps me afloat and allows me to continue to invest time into this movement

I make no misleading claims, I do not try to blow smoke at you ... I NEED your support. I invest about 5-7 hours each weekday in preparation of a 2 hour show. This means approximately 7-9 hours each day where I invest my time, talent (however feeble it may be), and attention. The ONLY way I can continue to do so is by your generous support.

If you find my contribution to the patriot movement to be a valuable asset then I humbly ask that you consider becoming a regular contributor. In return, I will:

  • continue to give my complete and full attention to the events of the day
  • continue to provide you a bundle of links that you can share via your social media accounts as well as use for your personal research
  • never compromise the word of God to fit an agenda, any agenda.
  • continue providing a url link shortner free of charge to the general public
  • bring you brutal honesty about the events of the day however comfortable or uncomfortable that may be

Thank you for your support for these two years, without it I would have had to move along a long time ago. It is my sincere desire to remain in a situation where I can continue to be a part of your daily routine.

Below you will find several ways where you can participate in supporting our efforts.

Mailing Address:

Gary Byrd
2123 Taylor Street
Malvern, AR 72104
*NOTE - I will receive 100% of your donation using US Postal Service


Monthly Support ...

Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of the Patriot Reload. *NOTE - I will receive 96.5% of your donation using this method (This is a preferred method)



Yearly Campaign ...

This is a great way to do a one-time donation. *NOTE - I will receive 96.5% of your donation using this method (This is a preferred method)





PayPal.me Address

This is great for a really quick way of sending in support. Most people have a PayPal account and I will receive 96% of the intended donation.