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Hi, my name is Gary Byrd and I am the host of Patriot Reload program on Youtube. ...

You may know me as "Yoda" from the Patriots Soapbox where I hosted a daily program called "2Hours with Gary" from 10am - 12pm (central time) from January 2018 - January 2020.

I first became interested in US politics during President Reagan's first term and the revival of patriotism that the 1980's enjoyed. As I grew older my primary passion was serving the Lord through preaching and teaching the Word of God.

After having graduated Bible College I moved to Virginia where I served as a Youth Pastor and Christian School administrator. Later, I would perform the same duties at another, slightly larger ministry in North Carolina.

In 1995 I felt the Lord dealing with me about serving as sr. pastor at a little country church in eastern, North Carolina and then later in Louisiana. I served as Sr. Pastor of 3 different baptist churches for the next 2+ decades.

In 2019, I felt that God was moving me from the type of ministry I was currently serving (pastorate) into a different kind of ministry ... the ministry of sharing news, scripture, prayer, and such with people using Youtube ... I know, it sounds like something I would have criticised ten years ago, but here I am.

When people tune into my program I want them to walk away saying to themselves that I was honest, passionate, and compassionate. I want to give you the tools you need to stand your ground the next time you are confronted with liberal or Marxist thought.

I have created MAGA45 as a tool for patriots to create short links and even bundles of links that they can then share on their social media accounts.